Friday, August 19, 2022

Un-Quilting a Quilt

That's right...I'm picking the quilting stitches out of a quilt. 👀 This unfinished quilt is a real oldie circa 2014. It is a quilt that I had planned to give to my husband once it was finished and of course he is still waiting. We both really liked the way the piecing turned out and I foolishly thought that instead of doing a pantograph that I could try to do some ruler work and maybe some freehand designs in the blocks. You creative and design something wonderful. lol

I started with an attempt at outlining the sashing with stitch in the ditch and it really ended up being such a disaster. I knew even less about custom quilting and ruler work then than I do now and my results really discouraged me. I remember rolling the quilt top back and forth on the long arm so that I could reach different areas on the quilt top. What I didn't realize was that I needed to stabilize each area fully before rolling back and forth because what I did caused the backing to loosen and ripple and pleat and you get the idea. The whole back was a disaster and this quilt deserved so much better. 😭

I took the quilt off the frame and left it dumped in a pile for the longest time and after being in time-out for a few years I asked my quilty sister Cheryl if she would help me unpick it. To my surprise and relief she agreed but we didn't get far. We were chatting as we worked and I said be careful you don't make any holes and then shortly after that her seam ripper slipped and put a hole in the top. grrrr Of course, we both felt terrible and it is totally fixable but it took the steam out of my efforts to unpick.

The quilt went back into time-out for a few more years and every time I saw it sitting in a pile it hurt me to see it like that and still not do anything about it. Well, it's time has come and over the past week or two I have been picking away at it. It is a slow and painful process but I know it will be totally worth it in the end!


Chantal said...

Sorry for the unpicking. That's never fun. I use my rotary cutter when I have a lot of ripping to do. If you keep the two sides stretched apart the blade will only touch the thread and it goes so much faster. Anywho! Good luck with that task. ;^)

Katie Z. said...

That’s a brave undertaking! I hope it goes easily and quickly.