Monday, August 29, 2022

Ready for Binding

Ruffin is my new model!
This quilt top got loaded onto my long arm frame and then it just sat for a couple days while I debated back and forth about doing a panto or trying another free hand edge-to-edge design. It really is quite a big quilt top and that can be a bit overwhelming for me as a practice quilt. It's not just that though because I love this type of quilt so much and I just want it to turn out beautiful.

my drawing is just like my
I finally decided that I needed to just get over myself and I went ahead a did an over all edge-to-edge design. I did practice on a large piece of paper first and then I went for it.

My quilt came off the frame at 71" x 86" and was quilted fairly densely with a light tan in the bobbin and a light aqua/teal on top. I used Hobbs 80/20 batting and I gave the quilt a very fun and happy looking backing fabric.

Orange is one of my favourite colours!
The last time I quilted a top I had a lot of thread breaks so prior to loading this flimsy I did a very thorough cleaning of my machine. Even with the cleaning I still had many bobbin thread breaks this time. I don't know what's happening so I have given the machine another very thorough cleaning and hopefully that fixes it for the next quilt. I also had a lot of problems with my single needle up/down. It was a fairly frustrating problem because whenever I tried to use it to bring up the bobbin thread it kept giving me multiple stitches when I only wanted one and it did cause some very dense thread joins on the back of the quilt. Nothing I can't get over though!


Rosec said...

Beautiful quilting. Love the FMQ pattern you chose. Love your quilt top too.

belarmina said...

Ellen Hiciste un bonito trabajo , me encanta tu edred├│n!!