Monday, August 8, 2022

One Thing Leads to Another

After making my decision regarding the borders for the Antebellum Album flimsy I went ahead and cut the yellow fabric into 1.5" strips. I have enough to make a narrow border but I had to join the pieces end to end instead of mitering them. I don't think I am going to have very much extra to spare. While I was at it I cut the black fabric into 2.5" strips and I am ready to start adding the borders.

The most important thing that happened was when I was sewing the top together I had to push aside a pile of string bits that were hanging around from previous quilts. I intended to clear the table and just drop the fabric pieces into my string bins but ultimately decided I wanted to move them forward and not stash them. I am very happy about this....the drought is over...finally!!!

I had previously decided that I wanted to add something to my crooked courthouse string flimsy so I decided to make some more blocks.  I think I had initially intended a border of some sort but more blocks are good too. Why not? 

I got so involved in making the blocks that I stayed in my sewing room working on them well past my bedtime. Now that is a very good sign! 😀


Deb A said...

That is a good sign, and your blocks are looking great! Happy sewing.

Chantal said...

Yes! Your mojo for sewing is back. Enjoy the ride! ;^)