Monday, March 1, 2021

Straight(er) Leaders

I did it! It's not beautiful and absolutely not perfect but it will do. I followed instructions that I found on YouTube from HandiQuilter and Kimmy Brunner but I can't seem to find the video to link to - weird. I did find this video from whirlsnwwirls quilting and it gives information on sewing casings on the leaders so it may be helpful.

I had a lot of trouble actually sewing the hem down on the first leader because I couldn't get good tension on it while stitching. I tried to use my clamps just as shown in the video presentation but it just wouldn't work well for me. The first and last few inches on the sides are not perfectly straight because I just kept getting caught up with the clamps but honestly I think it should be okay. I don't normally pin right to the side edges of my leaders anyway. After sewing the first hem I was quite discouraged with my results. 

Before continuing with the hemming exercise I found some other clamps that I was able to put on my machine around the rails to help support the leader being hemmed and it helped a lot but by then I was frustrated and just wanted it all over with. I was sewing way too fast and without accuracy - ugh. Nary a straight line to be found - why do I always think I have to go at top speed! 

messy hems with new centering marks

When I was finished I didn't cut the excess canvas from the hems as suggested in the instructions. Instead I did another line of stitching close to the edge to hold them all down and I am happy enough with that.

My leaders won't win any awards but they are straighter than when I started. The next time they need this degree of straightening I will probably just purchase some canvas and make my own. I know...another I won't be doing it any time soon!!!


scraphappy said...

That looks like a lot of work! Hopefully having everything nice and straight will help with the quilting being nice and straight as well.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for the links, Ellen! This is a job that I probably need to tackle on my longarm. I attempted it, at one point. How many times did you have to roll the leaders back and forth to do much good?