Saturday, March 20, 2021

Quilted Hug for Mom

I got this shawl finished for my Mom a couple days ago and I took some pictures outside yesterday. was such a beautiful day but still cold. Today is supposed to be quite a bit warmer and Peanut and I are really looking forward to that!

I took this photo as soon as I removed the shawl from the longarm. I don't know how visible the quilting is but it is a loose leafy design called Lush Leaves. I love it!

I cut my binding at 2.25" and I applied it to the wrong side of the shawl and then flipped it and stitched it to the right side which is the reverse of what I do with a quilt. I didn't want to go with hand stitching the binding because I thought it would be a quicker finish by machine and I think it will hold up better. I know that this will probably get a lot of wear and tear and be washed frequently so I did a double row of stitching when I applied the binding to the front. The first line of stitching was right along the edge of the binding and the second line was about a 1/4" away. I really wanted it nailed down! I also added a small label sewn into the binding that has my Mom's name on it. 

The pattern calls for pockets on the inside but I didn't bother with them. I don't think my Mom would remember they were there and they wouldn't be used anyway.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make a visit with my Mom work last week but I am able to go this week!


belarmina said...

Ellen maravilloso regalo para mamá
Deseo que puedes visitarla y hacer entrega

Chantal said...

That is a wonderful gift. So thoughtful and needed. And gorgeous too. I can see the quilting pattern on the pink fabric. Bless your soul! ;^)

Deb A said...

She is going to love it! So glad you put the tag with her name on it too, so it will get back to her after washing.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

this is beautiful I love it.
Keep loving your mom the way you do, shower her with kindness.
I made things for my mom too over the years. She went to Heaven in 2016 and yes, I miss her.
So sweet.