Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Blind Man's Fancy

Now that the rail fence quilt is off the frame I am ready to load another...but which one? It seems that the one I intended to quilt is not quite ready for quilting. This is my Blind Man's Fancy quilt top and I thought I finished it in March 2019.                         . 

As I look at it, I keep thinking it needs another blue border and then a brown border. The more I think about it the more I keep having the song from Lamb Chop's Play Along running through my head. If you recall it is called 'The Song That Doesn't End' but what I am singing in my head is 

This is the quilt that doesn't end

Yes it goes on and on my friends

Somebody started sewing it not knowing what it was

and they'll continue sewing it forever just because 

This is the quilt that doesn't end....

(sorry about the ear worm!)

The quilt top is currently approx 85" square and I only have about 16" x wof left of the blue fabric. That is just enough to make a 1" finished narrow border and then I can add the outer brown border but the real question is should I?

Not only that but I think it needs more than just an all-over quilt design. I'm not a very creative person and I am certainly not very artistic so it will take me a long time to figure out some sort of design to put on it....sigh.

In the meantime, I really need to dig through the flimsy stash and choose one that wants a quick finish!


Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Why not just a small border of the brown fabic on the outside balancing out the brown on the inside. Your blue border balances out the blue that is in the block squares. Other suggestions is just bind it in the brown and that way you can end this lovely little tune roaming in your head. Really think this is a pretty quilt. Saw this one in person and fabrics are so lovely and the little stars are as cute as can be.

Love sis

belarmina said...

Ellen me encanta este edredón,
Puedo imaginar ese final que piensas
Un borde azul y el ultimo marrón.
Lo que decidas hará un bello trabajo

Chantal said...

When you mentioned adding a border, my thought went "brown". So I'm with Cheryl on this one. Unless, you want to do a blue flange to the brown binding. Oh so many options! ;^)

ThreadCatcher said...

I like the idea of a brown binding with a blue flange. Beautiful quilt, it will look wonderful however you choose to finish it.

Angela said...

Hurray for quick finishes. Hopefully you can find something that won't require decision making. Then you will be able to quickly add another quilt to the finished list. The need to add more borders is hard to resist.