Thursday, January 7, 2021

Prep Work

In December I wrote about my efforts/hope/goal to sew up all of the strings that I have been collecting so that I can use them in quilts. I also gave links to string quilts that Bonnie Hunter had shown on her blog. I was really enamored with her quilts and I decided I would make at least one of them.

I started cutting phone book paper to the size I needed to make into blocks that would be subcut into 4 smaller string block segments. These segments would be mixed and matched to make up one of the blocks in the two block quilt. I made a few of them and then I had a cutting error. I was able to trim two of the block segments to the correct size but of course the remaining two were too small. I thought there has to be a better and more accurate way for me to make these block pieces.

After thinking about it I had an aha moment. I could make the initial string blocks much larger and then cut them into smaller squares using my Studio cutter. It is working out great and taking a lot less time too! The Studio die system can cut up to 10 layers of fabric but because there are so many seams in these blocks I don't push it to the limit.

I had purchased the Studio die cutter and dies from my sister when she was moving and she realized she wouldn't have space for it. I thought it would be a really good idea to keep it in the family. 😊

I am glad that I am putting this tool to good use because I just don't use it as often as I should. Because I was a dedicated follower of Bonnie Hunter's scrap user system I already have a ton of precut fabric pieces ready and waiting to go into quilts. As I use those precut pieces up I will absolutely use the die cutter much more often. It is so convenient to use and makes quick and easy work of cutting fabric.


scraphappy said...

It is great that you are using you die cutter more. What an efficient way to square up you string blocks!

swooze said...

Great idea. Which did are you using? Size? I think it’s

Rebecca said...

Don't you just love those "ah ha " moments?
Also known as "dugh" moments in my house