Sunday, January 24, 2021

Making String Blocks

I have made some progress in my quest to move my latest string quilt into the flimsy stage. In my last post I wrote that I was debating about using some of the neutral strings that I had already sewn together and that were waiting to be used in quilts. In the end I decided that the math just wouldn't work out and I would have a lot of waste. 

So, I have been making string blocks. :) I am making these strings to finish at 4" so I am using paper foundations that are 9" x 4.5" and some singles that are 4.5" square.  Making the smaller blocks allows for more variety in the strings as well as using up lots of smaller pieces. 

I was moving right along until I ran out of bobbin thread and all of my bobbins were empty. I am sewing these on my Singer 301 and it is a very fast machine and it eats up the thread from those smaller bobbins really quickly! So I took a break to press and trim the blocks I had made and then took some time to refill my bobbins. I now have 32 little string blocks ready to go and I am ready to put it all together into a quilt top.

On Friday I had a medical appointment that couldn't be taken care of by telephone. It seems really weird to go to the doctor in person now and especially seeing the waiting room completely empty. The bonus is that I was seen exactly at my appointment time. Crazy Covid times!

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scraphappy said...

So many bobbins! Glad you are putting all those strings to good use. Looks like fun. There are advantages to COVID. I wonder if telehealth is going to be one of the things that sticks around after we are done with this all.