Friday, January 15, 2021

Hexagons Continue

I'm still a little obsessed with these hexagons and it is a good thing to have something to focus on other than the Covid situation in my area.

As of yesterday, my province is now in a state of emergency with a stay at home order. My region of the province had already been in a lockdown since December 14 and then on December 26 the lockdown was extended province wide. I am a bit confused because I don't know what the difference is between lockdown and the new order other than maybe with the lockdown they were telling us to stay home and the state of emergency they are ordering us to stay home.

Happily, this quilt top is really moving along quickly and I have already started sewing the blocks into pairs and then the pairs into sets of four. I will end up sewing three of these four block chains together to make a column. 

Normally when I put a quilt top together I prefer to sew the blocks into quadrants and then join them together but I can't with this one. This quilt top needs to be put together in columns or rows because of the way the hexagons fit together. Once I get to the point of joining the columns it will be straight sewing - no pins - hopefully!!! 

I am really happy with the way it is coming together. 😀


Chantal said...

I too love how your quilt is coming along. Your state of emergency sounds a lot like my province too. Where do you live? At the office, because of the situation, I am the only one going into the office to get the mail in and out. We used to be three then two, and now one. Me. Since I live the closest, I volunteered myself. I try not to touch the door at the post office or our office and use a lot of hand sanitizer once I'm inside. So far, so good. Stay safe! ;^)

scraphappy said...

Good luck getting those rows together. I don't know why long rows of sewing seem so much harder than chunks of blocks, but they really do. The terminology of lockdowns has become very political, though I am sure there are actual differences of meaning behind the words. I'm required to go to work every day regardless, so I just try to ignore the rest. I have learned that critical infrastructure worker means I can't quarantine when I am exposed, but not that I can get a vaccine. I hope that your numbers start to come down again so that it becomes safe to venture out. We are setting new record highs every day right now, and that can't go on indefinitely.

Cheryl said...

Hey Ellen

Your Hexagons look great much better than the ones I had initially done.

Love sis

Quiltsmiles said...

Great project and love how you're adjoining those hexies with shades of Blue.