Saturday, December 19, 2020

I Like String Blocks and I Cannot Lie....

...and I absolutely love the string quilts that Bonnie Hunter has been posting about on her blog here and here. She has stated that she doesn't have any plans to publish or teach workshops for these quilts. I love both of them!

I have huge bins of strings that need to be turned into blocks and I had been working on and off with my neutral strings. My thought at the time was that if I sewed them into larger pieces they would be ready to use whenever I needed them and I could cut them down to size easily and quickly to use as blocks, sashing or borders. I started sewing the strings onto full sheets of copy paper that was in the recycle bin but trying to remove it from the blocks was a pain so I switched to phone book papers. After doing many full size sheets (at least 40) I realized that I needed to make smaller sized blocks to use up the smaller strings so I had started some blocks that used 8.5" square papers. The next size I started was 6.5" square - I wanted to use up all the strings and have as few leftover scraps as possible. Now that my mojo appears to have returned in full force it is a good time to pick this project back up. It is a simple sewing activity that is stress free, doesn't require precision, and gets those strings out of the bin and potentially into quilts.

When I started working on these blocks last year I didn't really have a plan for them other than to get my strings into a usable state but now I have a goal to strive for. 


Chantal said...

Strings are addictive. Come January, Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict will have a String Quilt series. I'm sure you will find some inspiration there too. I'm really happy to hear from you again. You were missed. Take care. ;^)

Deb A said...

I need to try some sting blocks in 2021! I have missed your blog. Hope things are on the up side and you are able to get some relaxing sewing in around all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. How are those seven sisters quilts coming along? I think of you each time I see one out on pinterest. Quilty hugs to you.