Thursday, August 4, 2022

Let it Go!

In my last post about these blocks I was feeling a bit wishy-washy when it came to the design of this quilt. I know that with having the extra cornerstone block you would think that I had originally planned a 5 x 5 setting but honestly I really am not enamored with square quilts. 

I finally did decide to just sew the blocks together in a 4 x 6 setting but I am not happy with it. It looks like it needs more....something. 😕

I've thought about making more blocks to create another column but I really don't have enough of the scrappy fabric bits that are already in the quilt. So, at this point I am finished with making blocks. I thought about making the borders wider along the sides and narrower top and bottom but that doesn't really appeal to me either. Even though I don't particularly care to make square quilts, I don't want to get stuck when I have only just started!

I think the next step is for me to take one row off the flimsy and turn it into a column. I guess I just need to let it be a square quilt and move on. It really isn't too big of a deal to do and I already have the extra connector block. I will sew it back together in a 5 x 5 layout and then start the borders.

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belarmina said...

Ellen entiendo que sigues con el dilema si cuadrar el edredón, todos estos bloques son bonitos, seguiré atenta a tu decisión