Thursday, December 5, 2019

Donation Quilt Binding

Now that my little donation quilt has been quilted I needed to figure out what to use for my binding fabric.

I was digging in one of my cupboards looking for something that had some blue and green in it and I came up with this one.

Honestly, this one is pretty old. It had belonged to my SIL Wanda and sadly she passed away back in 1998. Who knows how long it was in her stash!

I wasn't able to use up the whole piece but at least some of it has made its way out of the stash. Even though there is not a lot of green in the print it perfectly matches the green in the
sashing on the quilt top and the blue works well enough with the backing.

The backing is another oldie by the way and it came to me from my sister Glenda. The fabric came from a set of homemade curtains that she had found in a second-hand store for a great price and some of it has now found a new life.

I've already machine stitched the binding to the front of the quilt and all that needs to happen is some hand-stitching time to finish it off. :)

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