Monday, December 2, 2019

Building Blocks

view from hallway
I am making progress on my blocks and I am so in love with what is happening on my design wall. Every time I walk past my sewing room I catch a glimpse of the blocks up on the wall and it just makes me feel so happy. The blocks are very pretty and very feminine and they are a ray of sunshine during these shorter and darker and colder days of winter.

I started out alternating sewing the purple blocks and the blue blocks but then I started making too many mistakes with the blue flower blocks. Keeping the hsts oriented in the correct direction can be challenging - those darn oopsies kept getting in the way!  I decided to work exclusively on the blue blocks and only when my mind is fresh first thing in the morning. My strategy is working and I am making far fewer mistakes and catching myself before actually stitching them into the block. I have made good progress and I only have 6 more blocks to piece and then onto the purple blocks.

The blue aster blocks are being pieced very randomly with lights and darks very unorganized within the blocks and you can see that in the photos.  As a matter fact, those variations are magnified by the lens of the camera but in real life it has a much more subtle effect. I wanted those flower blocks to look very scrappy and not be stagnant or to be a constant repeat of one after the other. I like the variations within each block and I think they work with the less random piecing of the purple blocks. :)

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Ramona said...

I would have never thought to put purple with the turquoise blocks, but it's gorgeous! I can see why you stop each time you walk past your design wall. It's going to be one beautiful quilt.