Saturday, November 30, 2019

String Block Update

The other day I spent a good amount of time washing the ceiling and the upper parts of the walls in the kitchen and eating area. I did all of the areas that I needed a ladder to reach and I will finish the rest of the walls in a day or two. We are getting ready for painting and we are changing/adding some new light fixtures as well. I know it will make a big improvement in our kitchen but it is a lot of work and requires time and energy.

By the time I was finished for the day I was tuckered out and I knew I would be a bit stiff the next day. I thought that after all of my hard work I would reward myself by spending some time in my sewing room with a glass of red wine while piecing strings and watching QuiltCam videos on YouTube.

It was a wonderful way to wind down and I got seven blocks finished and six started with the first two strips down the center of the blocks. I was feeling pretty good about my accomplishments for the day when I took my last sip of wine and I looked in the bottom of my glass and I saw a fruit fly...ugh! That's life I guess - there is always a fly in the lol

Over the past month I have added 48 more string blocks to the bin and I now have 171. For a quilt that is 65" x 80" I need a total of  208 blocks and I am not very far from that. I still haven't decided what size of quilt I will be making and I may go past the 208 mark unless I really feel the need to stop. I guess it all depends on how anxious I am to start a new string quilt. :)


scraphappy said...

Mindless sewing of strings with a glass of wine sounds like a great way to finish the day. Fruit fly or not! Best of luck with your painting. It is hard work, but so worth it when it is all done.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Wow! You did well to go sew after all of that hard work!! Best of luck on the last of your blocks (and on the painting, too.)