Monday, November 11, 2019

Remembrance Day

Today is a solemn day - a day to reflect on the wonderful freedoms that we enjoy every single day and to remember those that fought for it. Freedom is never free.

Today I am thinking about a young man that I never knew but who served in WWI. My grandfather's brother, Victor Ernest Morgan Greenland died at the Battle of Lens on Aug 21, 1917 - the day before his 21st birthday. He was not married and did not have any children. His body was never recovered and he is memorialized at Vimy Memorial, France


He was so young that he barely even had a chance to live and yet he gave his life for our freedom.


Marie-Francoise de Lille said...

You are right, today is a solemn day in many countries.
Peace for the brother of your grandfather, too young to die.
I am living in the north of France, near Vimy.
A few years ago,I visited the Memorial of Vimy.
hello from marie-francoise from France

KaHolly said...

A fitting little tribute. So many lives sacrificed for our country. I think priorities have become askew in today’s world when you consider what these young men were fighting for.