Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Not So Fast

square on the left / flower-ish on the right
This is getting ridiculous - I have changed my aster block again! After looking at the latest block on my design wall for a bit I decided that it looked too square in the center and that is definitely not what a flower looks like.

Honest to goodness this is just a quilt block and eventually a quilt and NOT a life changing decision. Why I got so stuck on this I just don't know.
original block layout - all I see is the friendship star in the center
I think I have come up with a block design that is a little bit of both versions combined and I am going to just stick with the latest design - no matter what!

I think by adding the hsts back into the center of the block it makes it look more chaotic but also a little bit softer and not so squarish and maybe a little more flower like. Changing the position of the hsts also takes care of the friendship star that kept forming in the center of the block.

Can I move on now?????

1 comment:

Chantal said...

Can I throw a wrench in there? Your new block is beautiful and made me thought of the original block (thank you for showing it again to refresh my poor memory). In the original block, what if you turn some of the HSTs so the dark part of it touches the middle square? Would it make the friendship star disappear to you? Just saying! ;^)