Monday, November 11, 2019

Double Decision Made

Design for blue/teal/purple fabrics
The first quilt I am going to make is one that I created in EQ7 after seeing a picture of some quilt blocks in a magazine article and I thought they had potential. :)  I am using blues/teals, etc. for the asters and purples for the alternate block and it is already well underway.
blue/teal fabrics for aster block
I have most of my fabrics cut and ready to go and it is basically just a matter of sewing the blocks and then putting them all together into a quilt.
Design for pinks/oranges/green fabrics
I also plan to make a second quilt using the same design but it will be design option 3 - you can read how it came about here. For this version I plan on making the aster blocks with oranges/pinks and maybe some yellow and red. The alternate blocks will be green. I don't know when I will start this version but it has made it to my list of  'quilts to make soon' but it is not at the top of the list - yet. ;)

I am interested in seeing how using different colours/fabrics as well as this slight design change affect the overall look of the quilt.

Several years ago I had a desire to make a pink/orange quilt but I didn't have a design idea. I have been collecting fabrics since then and I took photos to show some examples. I think this will be the perfect quilt to use this colour scheme.

So much fun!

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