Thursday, November 7, 2019

Cheddarback Quilt - Block Set 5

All I can say is wow! That 12" block was quite the doozy and it took me quite a bit of time to make. It is all inset seams and even though I did manage to get it together on my first try it was a real challenge. It did finish at the correct size but it was a little bit poofy in the center. I was able to smooth it all out by spritzing it with water and then carefully pressing it. Thank goodness for a hot iron and steam. ;)

When I finally had the block all finished I put it up on the design wall and I sat back to admire it. Grrr... I noticed something not quite right. See the corner section on the bottom right? The two striped sections were reversed and the colour of the stripe pattern doesn't match. I am not going to take it apart - that block was a lot of work and even with the slight boo boo I still feel very good about it. :)

My goal with this quilt is to use up some of my reproduction fabric scraps but this 12" block required larger quantities of single fabrics so I had to dip into my fat quarters.

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Chantal said...

Very well done! Didn't notice anything wrong before you mentioned it. Because it was your plan to have them matching you know it is sewn incorrectly but nobody else will know. So pat on the back, my dear. You very well indeed. ;^)