Friday, November 8, 2019

Binding Done


I posted about having this quilt ready for binding quite some time ago but since then it has hung over the back of a dining room chair - waiting and waiting.

I woke up at 4am the other day and decided that it would be a nice quiet and relaxing thing to work on so I started in. I got about 2/3 finished before my index finger on my right hand started to feel the needle with every stitch. I haven't been doing much in the way of hand sewing and I have totally lost all of my sewing callouses. :(

I gave my finger a break for a day or so and then picked up the quilt again and finished the binding. I am so glad that I have finished this quilt and it is ready to be used and loved. My little quilt is a scrappy split nine patch and it finished at 59" x 71". A good size for a couch quilt I think.

I can't remember which thread I used on top (I wish I had written it down) but it was a neutral and I used light tan magnaglide in the bobbin. The batting I used is my favourite Hobbs 80/20 cotton/poly.

I will be keeping this quilt because it is part of my custom quilting journey. This was my third attempt and I did free hand quilting as well as some ruler work and I used an original design. There are lots of imperfections but also lots of really good parts too. There were so many lessons learned with this quilt and overall I am quite pleased with it.

I thought I would show a photo that I took out of the back door yesterday morning - our first snowfall for the season. Let's just say the dogs weren't too thrilled but I always love seeing the first snowfall. Of course, after the first one I am totally over it!

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Chantal said...

Congratulations! Love the scrappiness of this one. We have snow too. It's been snowing on and off since Monday. I love first snow. Earth looks great with a white dusting compare to the drab underneath it. Haha! ;^)