Sunday, October 6, 2019

Happily Sewing Away

It feels like I got a lot done in my sewing room yesterday.

I wanted to start sewing my rail fence blocks together but I felt like I was being held back because my design wall was full of the string blocks. So that is where I started. I took them down off the design wall and matched the blocks in pairs and got them sewn together. I don't think I will go any further than that right now because when I put the top together I want to be able to spread the fabrics around. At this point, I only have a total of 64 blocks made and I need at least 208 to make a quilt  65" x 80" and that means I will be adding much more variety of fabrics from my string bins as I go along. I have all of the finished sets in a basket sitting beside my sewing machine with a note as to how many blocks I have already made and the quantities required depending on the size of quilt I want to end up with.

Once I got the string blocks stitched and pressed I started on my rail fence blocks. I began by sewing some into pairs and then sewing those into larger blocks and I put them up on my newly emptied design wall. I still have many more to put together but I am ready. I have paired the rest of the blocks together and they are waiting for me at my sewing machine. I think this top is going to come together really quickly. :)


Chantal said...

It saves so much time to have projects organized like your string blocks. Rail Fence looks very promising. ;^)

Deb A said...

Wow! You are really making quick progress on both of the quilts. Love the colors in the rail fence.