Tuesday, October 29, 2019

First Wild Goose Chase Block

I am feeling really excited about this new quilt that I have undertaken. I love the colour scheme that I have chosen to work with and I am finding these beautiful purples and blues to be very calming yet exciting at the same time.

I made a test Wild Goose Chase block and I was all ready to go but then Chantal from At the Corner of Scraps and Quilts left a great comment on my last post where I showed the design I had chosen. She made a suggestion to use purple in the outer corners of the Wild Goose Chase block. I tried it in EQ7 and it looks wonderful. Now, what to do....what to do....
new option #3 
I love my first block and the design I had chosen but now I need to make another block to try out the new design. Whichever design I decide to make I hope the rest of the blocks look just as good. I don't know - maybe I have to make two quilts????  That would be fun to do and it really wouldn't be a problem. As a matter of fact, I like those kinds of problems. :)
original choice
I have been doing a lot of cutting in preparation of making all of the blocks for this quilt and I have been scrounging through my fabric and parts bins searching for the blues/teals that will be featured in the Double Aster Variation block.

At this point I think I have the purples covered for the Wild Goose Chase blocks but since I need lots of variety in the blues/teals it could be a real challenge. I want to use a narrow range in the shades of blue/teal in my fabric choices but since my goal is to use only stash for these blocks I may have to expand that range.


Deb A said...

Oh boy... that is going to be a tough decision. I like both of them.... but I'm thinking I like the new option just a smidge better! Good luck with your choice.

Chantal said...

Wow! That first block is so beautiful. Love, love, love your choice of fabric. It looks awesome just by itself. I like option #3. It looks busier than I expected. EQ is a great tool. (Maybe I should get one of those.) I think the original choice is calmer. Whatever you choose, you will make it look good with your wonderful choice of fabric. Enjoy the dithering! ;^)
And thanks for the plug. :^D