Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Feeding the Beast :)

I did it! I finished stay stitching all of the 1.5" strips and I am so done with that. I completed the task over a couple sewing sessions of just feeding them into the machine one after the other. First one side and then the other.....boring!!! Thankfully this sewing machine is quite a beast and is just so fast. :)

There is definitely a drawback to stay stitching all of the edges and I discovered it when I tried to sew some more blocks together. With the edges of the seams locked in place it made it so that it was virtually impossible to manipulate the seams to fit when they didn't quite match up. I am very imperfect when it comes to sewing and I did have to deal with this issue more than once. ;)

Overall, I think stay stitching the edges was still the right choice to solve the seam splitting issue.

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Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen,

Great idea sewing around, but not good for me. I have to really pull and stretch to try and get my blocks to somewhat match up. Great Job Ellen!

Love sis