Friday, September 6, 2019

Yummy Strings

I am currently obsessed with making these strings blocks. I think my design wall is just so yummy looking with my blocks sitting up there. :)

I didn't have a plan or anything when I decided to start making them but now I think one has formulated - quite organically. As I was adding each finished block to the design wall I started twisting them and turning them around and I ended up with this layout. It is very simple and I really like it - so this is it! I don't yet have an actual size in mind for the quilt but it I think it will need to be big enough for a bed. :)

I need to pay careful attention when I am cutting my blocks to size. See the two upper blocks? The one on the left got trimmed a bit too small. I do remove the papers and press my blocks before trimming so I don't have the foundation paper to use as a guide. I accidentally trimmed it using the 5.25" line on the ruler instead of 5.5". :(

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Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Ooooh really like this one Ellen. Going to be super pretty!

Love sis