Monday, September 2, 2019

String Blocks

first two test blocks
While I was working on my crumb strips I was watching/listening to some older Bonnie Hunter Quilt Cam videos on YouTube. There was one in particular that really caught my eye (2/11/18) because she was working on some string blocks that were two-toned - they had light fabrics on one half and darker on the other and I was smitten.

I don't know exactly what size Bonnie was making hers - I am certain I could make a pretty good guess though - but I decided that I would make mine on 5.5" foundation papers. I don't have a quilt planned for them or even the slightest idea for a design but I think they will make a great quilt in some incarnation. :)

Just like my crumb bins I have overflowing string bins and I am happy to find a way to use some of them up. Really, I don't just want to use them up - I want to make lots of beautiful quilts with them. :) I  have only made a couple test blocks so far and there are still plenty more to make before there are enough to make a quilt.

Now that I am back in my sewing room I just want to play a bit without thinking about all of my UFOs. :) They will still be there when I am ready and inspired to pick one back up and get back into it.


Cheryl said...

Way to go Ellen! Getting back to what you love! Your crumb quilts are always beautiful

Love sis

KaHolly said...

I love to just play! Some days, that’s all I want to do, so, that’s what I do! Have fun!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I agree string blocks are so much fun and make the most interesting quilts!