Sunday, September 29, 2019

Rail Fence Blocks are Done :)

Now that I have finished sewing my strips together into sets and I have them all cut to size I am ready to start sewing them together into blocks. This box contains a minimum of 120 each of darker blocks and lighter blocks and I am ready to turn them into a quilt top.

Rail Fence quilts really are fairly quick and easy - no fancy curves or hsts, or even squares - just straight strip sewing and then cutting....lots of cutting. :)

Sewing the segments together should be a quick and easy process as well because there are no seams to match either. This is the perfect quilt design to make if you are a beginner quilter or if you need or want to make a quick and easy quilt.

If you take a closer look at my photo you will see some more strip sets sitting underneath the box of blocks. That is a sneak peak at the next quilt I am planning to make. :)


Chantal said...

Gorgeous fabric, Ellen. Looking forward to more photos of this quilt. Enjoy! ;^)

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen,

Me too, love the fabrics in your rail fence blocks. Quilt is going to be so with your fabric choices.

Love sis