Sunday, September 8, 2019

Cheddarback Quilt

First set of blocks
Way back in March, when Gay from Sentimental Stitches released the first blocks for this quilt, I managed to get them finished before the month ended. :)

I loved the way they turned out and even though I fell behind I really wanted to make the whole quilt. I have been diligently downloading and saving the blocks every month as they were released knowing that I would eventually get back to them. Friday night, or should I say Saturday morning, I had an opportunity. My little dog Peanut disturbed my sleep when she started retching at 3:30 and I jumped out of bed to get her into the bathroom and then, of course, I had to let both dogs outside for a bathroom break.

After everything was taken care of I just couldn't fall back asleep. So, in the wee hours of the morning I decided to print out the rest of the instructions that have been released so far - 6 more sets - and I started pulling my fabric choices for each block.

Most of the fabrics I am using are from my reproduction scrap bin so I figured I would just make one big mess and get my selections made all at once instead of rummaging through the scraps for each set of blocks. I worked on it throughout the day on Saturday and there are now 28 blocks ready for me to start cutting and sewing. :)
I plan to make this block today :)
I made such a huge mess because my reproduction fabric scraps were stuffed into a very large tote and they were not sorted at all. While I was digging through them I did make an effort to sort as I went. There are still lots of mixed up scraps but now I have good amounts separated into clear bags sorted by colour.

Oh my goodness, I had such a great time....I love my scraps!


Chantal said...

With all these blocks prepped to go, you will have a very fun and productive day. Love the fabric you picked. Enjoy! ;^)

belarmina said...

Ellen suena mucha diversion ¡¡me alegro!!
tus telas son bonitas.
estaré atenta a tus progresos
guardo estos patrones para un futuro.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I make messes when I pull fabric too! I just got caught up on my blocks, hopefully I can keep up now until we finish. Do you plan on assembling the top as you go? I am waiting to get all my blocks completed!