Saturday, August 31, 2019

Crumbing it Up

Thursday's efforts
As a quilter, seeing and touching fabric is so important to me and it really does influence how I feel and I have been feeling quite deprived. It sounds silly but the more time I spend around fabric the more it makes me want to just dive into it and surround myself with the messiness of creating something with it.

As I was cleaning up my sewing room I couldn't help but start feeling the pull of needing to sew something...anything!

I decided that my crumb bins were just too tempting and that is where I started. It is so satisfying to sew up all of those little bits and pieces of fabric and then see what I end up with. It is just so random. :)

I started out with just a few strips made on Thursday and the next thing I knew I had all of these made. I added them to the crumb strips that I had sitting in my inventory and I made all of these blocks.

I finished this flimsy last April but I ended up loving it so much that I felt it needed to be bigger. I think I now have more than enough blocks made to get it to a better size. Any extras will be returned to my crumb strip inventory as a starter for another future quilt.

I have so many crumbs that I doubt I will ever run out even if I live well past my planned expiry date of over 100 years old.

With the reorganization of my sewing room I have made sure to include a dedicated 'crumb piecing station'. lol


Tammy said...

Wow! What a great quilt! Just think, all that yardage you actually used instead of throwing it away. Awesome and inspiring!

Frog Quilter said...

And I thought I was the only one that kept a block inventory lol. Of course when you need a quilt in a hurry there is always plenty to choose from. Crumb quilts are fabulous!!!

Chantal said...

Wasn't that the most pleasant sewing ever? I love crumb blocks. No pattern, no pieces sewn on wrong, just pure sewing bliss. I love what you did. Enjoy! ;^)

The Joyful Quilter said...

What an interesting way to deal with the crumb-y fabric bits. I think it is SEW awesome that you have a dedicated crumb piecing station!! Maybe when another offspring moves out, I can follow your lead.