Saturday, April 13, 2019

Looking Really Good!

I've been working on the quilt that my sister put in a special request for and it is looking great! I had given my sister two quilt designs to choose from and she decided that she wanted the design that had larger blocks to better show off her feature fabrics.

bold option
subtle option
I have all of the blocks made but I haven't started sewing them together yet because I do want some input from my sister about a couple fabric options. You can tell from my sister's fabric choices that she wants the quilt to have an earthy, garden, nature look to it and I think both options give that look.

The first option, which I am calling the bold option, has three darker green blocks and that naturally draws the eye to the greens in the quilt top. In the second option, which I am calling the subtle option, I have replaced those fabrics with a more earthy toned fabric that draws out a little more of the brown tones. I think either one works but I think she should decide which of the two fabrics that she wants to be featured in the quilt top.

Glenda will be visiting on Wednesday and she can make her fabric decision in person at that time. I am a terrible photographer so my quilts always look so much better in person than in my photos. ;)  In this case, my photos make the fabrics look washed out when in real life the colours are richer and more vibrant.

Even though this is a 'commissioned' quilt I do not feel any stress or angst about making it at all. It is a labour of love that I am doing for my sister and I know she will be happy with whatever I make. :)

For reference, these were the two designs that I created for my sister to choose from.

chosen design


The Joyful Quilter said...

I am a lover of green, but my choice would be the "subtle" version. I'll be interested to see what your sister chooses.

Chantal said...

IMHO, I like the subtle version one. Love the stars. ;^)

belarmina said...

Ellen es un precioso edredón. tu hermana sera tan feliz!!
Buena semana

Deb A said...

Oh boy... so glad I am not the one who has to decide! Both options would be lovely.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

They both look great! Glenda will love it. I like her country fabrics with chickens. Very nice.

Love sis

KaHolly said...

Yummmm! You must be busy sewing this up! How about a progress report! Would love to see!