Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Yup....Another Crumb Quilt :)

I am having so much fun! I spent quite a bit of time in my sewing room on the weekend and it was wonderful.  I know that I have to get in as much time as I can in there before gardening season starts.

A little while ago I shared this photo of my design wall. These particular crumb strips had been sitting in my 'inventory' for many months. When I came across them while looking for something else I took them out of their hiding place and started sewing them into pairs and I put them on the design wall to have a good look. They have been taking up valuable design wall space since then.

I need my design wall for other projects but I didn't want to put these strips back into inventory to be forgotten again so it seems I have started another quilt. :)

For this particular quilt I have chosen to sew the pairs of strips into squares. Because I made my individual strips at 2.5" x 8.5" these blocks are now 8.5" square. The storage bin contained quite a few crumb strips but there is not enough for a decent sized quilt so I will add some of the crumb strips that I am currently making to them.

auditioning sashing and cornerstones
To me they look so vibrant and sort of  'art like' on my design wall so I decided to frame them. I am using a very bold black sashing with red cornerstones. I like it!

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Chantal said...

I love the black sashing with red cornerstones. Stunning! ;^)