Monday, March 4, 2019

That Was Quick!

It really didn't take me too long to get these very scrappy blocks sashed and stitched into a flimsy. It sure makes quick work to have the blocks all made and ready and waiting to be turned into a quilt. It practically made itself!

I probably spent more time admiring them on the design wall than it actually took to sew the sashings on. ;)

This little quilt really has been such a 'feel good' quilt right from the beginning. :)

I have decided not to add the crumb border because I happen to like it just the way it is. The flimsy is currently 54" x 65" not large by any means but big enough to be a cuddle quilt. I just need to decide what I will use for the backing and then I can quilt it up.


Chantal said...

Congratulations, Ellen. It's the perfect size and the perfect kind of quilt to have on the couch so when the boring ads play on TV, you can slowly examine each little bits of fabric once again. I love quilts like that. ;^)

Cathy said...

Definitely a cuddle quilt! And if you are a fabric gazer like me you can admire all the fabrics and remember their original uses while wrapped in it. Way to go! And are your scrap bins lighter now? Or do you have more potential crumb quilts in there?