Saturday, March 16, 2019

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2019

The colour this month is green and that is just perfect to make me think of spring! The only problem with that is it is currently snowing as I write this...grrr!

I had hoped to make some green blocks yesterday but I only got as far as digging around in my finished hst bins looking for some green. I did find lots but most were multiples of the same fabrics. By the time I had finished digging around in the bins it was already later into the evening and I was just too tired to sew them into blocks.

This morning I made 6 broken dish blocks and 12 zig zag blocks. Wow.. the zig zag/chevron/arrow blocks look gigantic in the top photo. lol

Here is my collection of the blocks I have made so far this year.

I am not quite sure how I will use these blocks yet but I am sure I will have a real plan by the end of the year. ;)

Pop on over to soscrappy to check out the links to other RSC participants!


Chantal said...

Boy! That's a LOT of HSTs. Great job. ;^)

Deb A said...

I love that never ending pile of HST's you have been using! Great progress on your projects.

Jo said...

They start looking good when all put together. Well done.

The Joyful Quilter said...

BOTH of your RSC projects are coming along nicely. LOVE your GREEN blocks!!

Tammy said...

check out Bonnie Hunter's blog. She has a pattern for broken dishes.

Cathy said...

That's the way to do it...just make parts and decide when you get bunches of them. I especially like those zig zags.