Friday, March 8, 2019

Crumb Strips

Scrap Block top is waiting for backing and quilting :)
When I posted about designing my scrap block quilt I showed some crumb strips that I was thinking about using as a border.

In the end, I didn't use them for that quilt but they have been on my mind since then. I made most of these crumb strips around the time that I made my Crumby Kisses quilt which was finished in October 2017 and I have worked on them off and on since then.

Crumby Kisses
I have accumulated quite a few and there are probably already enough to make at least one quilt now. I sewed them into pairs and put some of them on the design wall to have a look and if you ask me they look fabulous. :)
making me smile
I've got the itch to make more of these strips so I have set up my Janome 6600 as a crumb station and I am making quite the mess. I have ideas to use these little treasures in a few quilts so I do need a lot more. :)

Sometimes I sew these strips on paper and other times I just use the strip of paper as a guide and go with the flow and wing it. I can get fairly accurate strip sizes using both methods and they generally just need a bit of trimming to get to the correct size.

When I do use paper to sew on I find that for some reason it catches on the table top and then it twists as I am sewing. I have solved the problem by using my Supreme Slider to cover the table and the front of the bed of the sewing machine and it is working out great. Nice and smooth!

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blauraute said...

Hey Ellen,

both tops look great. I hope, you'll be able to back and quilt them as soon as possible. "Your" quilt top is also finish and I've to back and quilt it.
Have a beautiful time in your sewing room and take care