Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Blind Man's Fancy is a Flimsy

I can't believe that I have this top finished and ready for quilting. In order to add the borders and make them fit I needed to trim the top to size and it was a bit scary. As you know, once you start cutting you are committed and you can't just have a do-over! I was a bit nervous but I took extra care to make sure that I didn't take too much off.

I have two 20.5" square rulers and they really helped me to make sure that I was cutting the top equally on each side and that it was square. Before I started cutting I put one ruler in each corner and then connected them with other rulers to make sure everything was straight and aligned and equal on each side. I also used a measuring tape to make sure I was right at 70.5"and then I started cutting.

I repeated the process on the opposite side to make sure it was accurate as well. I didn't think about taking a photo of the process until I already had the quilt top finished - silly me. I did take this photo to try to recreate the process so you can see how I did it.
The blue borders finished at the exact required measurement!!
It all worked out and my top looks great! I have just enough of the blue fabric left to make another narrow border but if I did that then I would be tempted to add another border using the same fabric as the brown in the framing triangles. At 85" x 85" I think the quilt is big enough as it is so I have decided it is done. :)
I couldn't get the whole top into my photo :(
I don't have a name for my quilt yet - maybe something will come to me after I quilt it.


Jo said...

I looks lovely as it is. Use the blue fabric for the binding

Cathy said...

Glorious! I'm glad you told how you trimmed. I have a difficult time trimming. I guess I don't have enough rulers! I usually don't have the space to lay it out to properly trim either. Most of my quilts are probably crooked. And that's part of the reason I rarely add borders.

Excellent job! Way to go! You sure are moving right along on a lot of things. Good for you!

Don't you wonder how it got the name Blind Man's Fancy?