Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Antebellum Album

Last year, Barbara Brackman held a block of the month called Antebellum Album. Of course, I joined in but after one month I managed to drop out. I didn't intend for that to happen but c'est la vie! That first month I couldn't decide which colour scheme that I wanted to use so I ended up making two blocks.
Wandering Lover - Block 1
I am picking that project back up and I have decided to just go with the green, yellow and black colour scheme.

So far, I have made two additional blocks to add to the first one. I skipped the third block because it looks quite challenging but I will go back and work on it soon. ;)

Lend and Borrow - Block 2
Quaker Pride - Block 4


belarmina said...

Ellen bonitos bloques ,Me gusta tu elección de colores.
Estaré atenta como sigue,

Jo said...

Good to pick up a UFO. well done.