Friday, February 22, 2019

Those Star Blocks!!!

There should be more than enough here!
When I made the first four star blocks for the border of the Blind Man's Fancy quilt I could not believe how long it took - way too much time. I made a couple more and then decided that there has to be a better way.  Life is short and I have a lot of quilts to make before I go so I need to be quicker!!

I had been sewing the blocks one at a time and that was just not working - it was way too time consuming and tedious frankly. So, I went on a sewing blitz and made literally hundreds of 2" hsts - chain pieced one after the other - and now I think I have plenty ready to go.

After I made all of these hsts I made a couple more blocks but they were still being sewn block-by-block and it was STILL taking a long time.

As I made my hsts I pressed all of the seams toward the darker fabric and when I sew them together into the flying geese units for the star points one seam has to flip for the seams to butt together. That means I needed to press every single flipped seam individually as I added the segment to the block....grrr.  I finally came up with the plan to chain piece the star points randomly into pairs and that has allowed me to quickly press the flipped seam.

My Blue Cheese quilt from pattern named Better than Cheddar
I already have all of my blue center 4 patches made and ready to go so now I can just dig in and get it done.

As I was making the 4 patches I remembered that I had made a lot of blue 4 patches for my Blue Cheese quilt and I thought I might have some leftover so I went digging around and I found these.

I count this as a score!

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QuiltGranma said...

What a treasure you found! Good going!