Monday, February 25, 2019

That Burning Smell :(

I really like this little iron that my sister Glenda gave to me. She found it at a second hand store and picked it up for a couple dollars. It is a nice little travel iron that has dual voltage - not that I need that. :(

It came in its own little travel case and it still has the original receipt with it. It was purchased from Canadian Tire on February 22, 1986  for $ 21.95.  That makes it 33 years old and it still looks really good.

I have been using this iron as my pressing iron when I am piecing and it has worked great. It is just the perfect size and weight and has a flat sole plate which is really perfect for pressing small pieces like hsts. The other day while I was working away I started smelling something burning. It was a strong plastic burning odour so I thought I had better stop using it and see about getting it repaired.

Luckily for me, the repair shop is very close by because my husband is an electrical engineer and he knows just what to do. :)

When he took it apart he saw that there was a wire loose and it had caused it to overheat and it 'messed things up' of course those are my technical  terms. :)  He had to get some parts from his parts bins to fix it - lol.  Doesn't everyone with a serious hobby or skill have parts bins? As scrap quilters we all know about parts bins don't we. ;)

Anyway, he did his magic and - voila - I had a fixed iron and I am a happy girl!


blauraute said...

Hey Ellen,
I can imagine, that you love this little iron. I've a new one and it's wonderful. Just now I've started "your" quilt. All the blocks are finished a long time ago and slept in a box. I hope I can show your the results in the next time.
Have a nice day and take care

Deb A said...

So handy to have your own handyman right in the house with you!

Jo said...

So good to have a handy man about. Mine just fixed our air con after it stopped working. We are having a 100 deg week and we're getting a bit warm. So it is good that they help save money and you get to keep using something you love.

belarmina said...

Ellen Es bueno que el marido pueda reparar los rotos de la casa.

QuiltGranma said...

You are one LUCKY girl to have your own fix-it man on hand. So glad it got fixed before danger happened.