Saturday, February 2, 2019

Taa Daa!

I finished my split nine patch quilt top and I love it! I am very partial to really scrappy quilts and this one does the trick for me. :)

It really didn't take me very long to make this quilt top at all because I already had the hsts pre-made and waiting to be used.  I am on a quest to use up lots of hsts and this quilt didn't really make a big dent in my hsts but every one used is one less stuck in a bin on the shelf!

The next step is choosing a backing fabric and getting it ready to be used. Piecing the backing is not my favourite part of quilting but it is part of the process. I do have some wide backings available to me but the size of this quilt doesn't justify going that route. I prefer to save the wide backings for much larger quilts. So a-piecing I will go!

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Chantal said...

Just beautiful scrappiness. ;^)