Friday, February 1, 2019

Quilt Design Progression

When I first decided to use the Blind Man's Fancy block in a quilt I came up with this as my initial design. It is a very simple straight-forward design and it looks nice and it would make a pretty quilt. I know I would be very happy with the finished quilt. Things changed, however, when I placed my first finished block on-point on the design wall.

It looked so good to me so I went back to the drawing board (EQ7) and tried a different layout and came up with this.

This is what happened when I put it on-point - wow! It totally changed the look of the quilt and made it much more interesting to look at. It seemed that the individual blocks became the focal point of the quilt and it looked calmer than the first layout. But, after looking at it for a while it just didn't seem 'finished' to me and I thought it needed something more. So I added a border of stars around the outer edge and now I am very happy with the design. The stars added a nice frame around the center and seem to finish it all off very nicely!

I still really like the straight set layout - so - I just may end up making both designs. ;) I have a lot of hsts to use up!!!!


Elle said...

LOVE THIS! Both layouts. I may have to plagiarize.

Cathy said...

I like both layouts too but I think I like the on-point just a tiny bit better. If I had a lot of HSTs then, like you, I would make both. I've made a Blind Man's Fancy quilt but the block was a little different. I have a second one that's a UFO.

Chantal said...

I, personally, would go with the first design because it's straight forward and "getterdone" type of thing, you know. But you go with the second design because it is sophisticated and needs setting triangles which have to be calculated (which I don't like to do and you are good at it) and it's gorgeous! So, that's my humble opinion. ;^)