Tuesday, February 19, 2019

On the Frame

I finally loaded my split nine patch flimsy onto the frame yesterday and I got right into quilting it. My goal with this quilt is to practice control of the machine and I do feel a difference at this point compared to when I started on the quilt.

I am trying to be careful and pay attention to what I am working on instead of thinking about the last mistake or worrying about the next one but it is hard. I also seem to be playing a game of  'ditch, ditch, where is the ditch' and even though I am trying I am missing it fairly frequently. I guess that will be something that I will get better at with practice.
very happy with this block :)
I think I did pretty good with the quilting on this block but honestly as soon as I do a really good one the next one is often a mess. That is because I am so busy congratulating myself instead of focusing on what I am doing. ;)

I know that I will never be a quilting goddess and that is not my intention. My goal is to be able to confidently place whatever quilting design I choose onto a quilt and make it look somewhat decent. I am a human not a machine - nor a goddess - so there will never be a time when there are not any mistakes and I am definitely okay with that. :)

I got about half way through the quilting but I really needed to take a break. My shoulders were really hurting so I know I need to work on my posture as well. I hope to get back to it today or tomorrow and maybe even completely finish the quilting in one more session.

I can't wait to see how my quilt looks once it is off the frame!


Elaine Adair said...

Oh my, the simplicity of this quilt makes it stunning! and your quilting it really lovely - makes the quilt even MORE! Thank you for beautiful work and wondrful photos. mmm I might even tackle a box of scraps remembering this simple elegant design for a next project. www.elaineadairpieces.blogspot.com

Birthe Marie said...

This quilt is so lovely! Very nice quilting too! :-)

Jo said...

Don't over work yourself and suffer in the end. It is to be fun and enjoyable not painful. You are doing a great job.