Sunday, February 17, 2019

Clean Up in the Sewing Aisle

My sewing room was such a mess with literally hundreds of 2.5" hsts piled up on pretty much every surface. I was pulling the pre-made hsts from my bins for my Blind Man's Fancy blocks and of course I was digging through them and making a mess everywhere. I was also still making more hsts as leaders/enders while I was stitching the blocks so I honestly think I added more than I used up. ;)

Now that I am finished making the Blind Man's Fancy blocks I needed to clear the mess so that I could start making these star blocks for the outer border. I am making them at 6" finished so I needed to make room on the table for the bins containing my 2" half square triangles. Unfortunately, I haven't started my big sew-a-thon for that size of hsts yet so I am making them up as I go. I need to make 52 of these star blocks and it has taken me much longer than I had anticipated to make these four so I think I am going to be at it for a while. :)

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Chantal said...

I had a go at cleaning up too. I barely had a square foot of clean space on the cutting mat. My leader-ender was taking up all the space. Now that I am done playing with orange bits, I've put them all away. We do need to get the space cleaned after each stage of quilt making. Now that I have elbow room I am tempted to play with some yellows and make another mess, lol. ;^)