Thursday, February 21, 2019

Blind Man's Fancy - Outer Triangles

This is what it looks like all laid out - I like it!
I have all of the BMF blocks sewn into rows and now I can start the next step. I've been working on getting the brown triangles ready to add to the quilt top and in preparation I starched the fabric before pressing and ultimately cutting. I wanted to eliminate the possibility of stretching  the fabric as much as I could.
corner triangles from 14" square

edge triangles from two 26" squares
I decided to cut my triangles larger than is required so I settled on cutting two 26" squares (cut into 4 triangles) and two 14" squares (each cut in half). This should give me plenty of excess along the outer edges so that I can trim them to the size I will ultimately need.

After I did the cutting I found the edges were still a bit too stretchy for me so I went ahead and starched them again. I was very careful to just lift the iron up and down - not push it around. I didn't want to add any stretch at all to the fabric. :)

Can you see my oopsie?
When I last posted about these blocks I showed a photo of the finished blocks. When I was shutting my computer down for the night I spent a few minutes admiring the photo of my blocks and I noticed something. Oh...oh....what the heck!  I had even made sure that I had all of the flying geese pointing in the right direction and I still missed it. :(

 It was a quick fix because, thankfully, I hadn't stitched any of my blocks together. :)


Chantal said...

It will look great, Ellen. Happy sewing! ;^)

belarmina said...

Ellen me encanta !!
lo veo muy bonito

Jo said...

Oh how lucky were you. Nice pick up just in time too.