Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Another Design Progression

My Blind Man's Fancy quilt design is getting another workout and I have made an addition to the design.

My outer star border is made up of 6" finished stars and in order to accommodate that size and fit them to the quilt center I might need to float the center blocks within the brown triangles. I am not sure what the actual size the border triangles should be so I will make them over-sized with the intention of trimming them to fit.

I really want to bring more of the blue fabric that I used to surround the stars in the center blocks to the outer edge of the quilt and I have been scrounging around trying to find enough. I have one large hunk that is approx 28" x full width but it won't be enough for the borders. I rescued what was left of the last 7" wide strip used for cutting the triangles and I dug through my strip bins and I found 1.5 full strips at 3.5" wide. Now I have to make it work.

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belarmina said...

Madre Mia Ellen es precioso este edredón !!!