Sunday, February 3, 2019

Am I a Fabric Hoarder?

I don't know what is wrong with me!!! I need to make a backing for my split nine patch quilt and I am having a great deal of difficulty choosing which fabric to use. I have plenty of fabric to choose from - lots of variety in design and style - so it really shouldn't be too hard.  I kept pulling fabric off the shelves and then immediately putting it back because I didn't want to 'use it up' because you know...I might need it for another quilt. What the heck!!  I did end up pulling this selection from the shelves and initially I was going to use the fabric on the bottom but I can't let it go.

Is it the quilt that is telling me it is not the 'right' backing or is it me hoarding?

Because I can't seem to let go of my first choice fabric I think I will use the fabric 3rd from the bottom. It is similar in colour and could be used for a masculine or feminine quilt but more importantly it seems that I am able to let it go. :)


Gretchen Weaver said...

I am like that too but now I'm finding it easier to let fabric go. If I haven't used it in 5 years, it's time to put it to good use.

Chantal said...

I usually think about why I bought the fabric. Was it bought for a particular project? Yes. Do I still want to make that project? If not, it's freed and usable. If I love a fabric, I will love it even more when I can show it off to others via a quilt. But that's my way of thinking.
Personally I would use the bottom one. The third from the bottom is very nice and can be use if you need to make another Seven Sisters quilt as it is a good print to fussy cut. If there's no Seven Sisters in the future, well then, go for it. It will be awesome! ;^)

Deb A said...

Very pretty quilt in the last post. I'm thinking you have something in the back of your mind for that fabric you don't want to use yet......Good luck.

suzanprincess said...

Not a hoarder--a curator! If you were a stamp collector or a coin collector you wouldn't be expected to spend those coins or paste on those stamps, so why should fabricologists* use up the fabric they love?
*fabricologist: one who has perfected the art of stashing fabric