Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Really Scrappy Quilt

Way back in February of 2018 I posted this block that I was making while participating in Block Lotto.

I think I only got the one block done before I took my hiatus from blogging.

photo from March 2018
I did continue working on them and I took this in-progress photo back in March last year. I carried on making them and ended up with 30 of these fun blocks and then they patiently sat waiting for some love.

These blocks were uncovered when I was digging around looking for blue 4 patches. Honestly, digging around in my sewing room is like digging around for buried treasure. :)

I put some of them up on my design wall to have a look and then I couldn't resist playing around with them a bit. I think it is time they get turned into a quilt. :)

1 comment:

blauraute said...

Hey Ellen,
these blocks are so beautiful, they look like spring. I can imagine to make a background in a dark color perhaps dark green, dark blue or black. What do you think about this?
All the best for you