Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Ready for Quilting

I have chosen the fabric that I will use for the backing for the Framed Blocks and I have washed it and pieced it together. Since I am going to do custom quilting I hope that the print won't be so busy that the quilting designs will be lost but I also hope that it won't show any of my boo-boos. ;)

Even though I do not want the top thread to stand out in each block I don't plan on using multiple colours of thread. I have decided to use So Fine (#402) Pearl as my top thread in hopes that it will blend in no matter what colour block I am working on. I know that there are lots of quilters out there that like to see the thread as part of the quilting design but I much prefer to see the texture of the design and not the thread. I have chosen to use cream magnaglide in the bobbin as I like to match my top and bottom thread as close as I can. It can sometimes be really difficult to achieve perfect top and bottom tension so this prevents any potential stress.

I don't normally spend too much time trimming threads from the back of the flimsy but this time I did need to take a bit of care. The black fabric that I used is a bit thready along the cut edges and it was showing through the white fabric. I am sure I didn't get them all and that with rolling the quilt top I will probably make even more. Hopefully, they won't show through too much!

I am ready to load everything onto the frame and I have some quilting design reference books at the ready to refer to when I need ideas for the block centers.

I am ready to go - wish me luck!


Deb A said...

Good luck! You are really rolling along on getting things done!

Cheryl said...

That a girl Ellen! Love sis