Thursday, January 31, 2019

My Little Quilting Saga

Wow....this is even harder to do than I had anticipated. All of the quilting designs that I have worked out require ruler work and boy-oh-boy it is super challenging!!!! Even the simplest straight lines are not easy but those curved lines are kicking my butt. And don't get me started on trying to get nice sharp points on designs that need them - mine all roll around the tip of the point! We will call those blocks artistic impressions. :)

I was hoping that I could start off with doing at least a row of quilting at each attempt but that is just not possible for me right now. It requires so much concentration and attention to hold the ruler, move the machine and keep my hands/fingers out of the way while holding the ruler and, of course, trying to execute the design. :) Let's just say I am not very coordinated! My first attempt was just two blocks, my second attempt was three blocks, and now I am almost finished the second row of  blocks. I really do need to just relax and let it happen. :)

Even though I was determined to not pick out any of my quilting I did indeed do so! Look at this block - I couldn't even manage to quilt the design within the lines. ;)  So, I did pick out the edges of the design where they should not have been. It is okay to be creative but honestly that was ridiculous. :)

Despite the challenges I do see some improvement in my skill and my attention span as I go along so there is a definite positive to my little saga. :)

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Cathy said...

I won a bunch of those Framed Blocks but don't have them put together yet. I applaud your quilting efforts. That's way beyond my skill level and what I can do on my DSM so I definitely won't be quilting like you are.