Tuesday, January 22, 2019

More Split Nine Patches

I love how my design wall looks!
It seems like my sewing room is completely covered in the hsts that I have been working on but at least some of them are finding their way into these split nine patch blocks.

I have been trying to piece together at least a few every day and I now have the beginnings of a quilt! I also have two nice little stacks of 11 blocks each ready for me to pair up and stitch together. That would make another five and a half larger blocks to add to my design wall. I don't think it will be long before I have enough for a quilt. :)


Birthe Marie said...

This will be a great quilt and a great way to use scraps. :-)

Chantal said...

Can never go wrong with a 9-patch block, split or not. Looks good. ;^)

Jo said...

These go together so well and make up so many designs

Deb A said...

So pretty! I keep finding hst's in my scrap bins.... love what you did with yours.