Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Fabric Wrangling

Several years ago, I really cannot remember how long ago it was, my quilty sister purchased an Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter and dies. I was thrilled for her and for me too because that meant I would be able to use it too.

I had inherited quite a bit of fabric from my sister-in-law when she passed away in the late 90s and the fabric was just sitting on my shelves and it sat there for many years. There was fabric from the 80s and 90s in her stash as well as some much older and I was sure that if I cut it into usable sizes and shapes that it would be much more likely that I would use it up.

At the time I was working full time and I just didn't have a lot of free time available to me so I asked my sister to cut quite a bit of this older fabric into standard shapes and sizes using her new die cutter. Sadly, after it was cut it sat on my shelves in bins waiting and waiting and waiting. Sound familiar - same fabric - different shapes. :(

If the fabric had been mostly neutrals I would have used it up in no time but that was not the case. Of course, I would use small amounts of it here and there whenever I made a scrappy quilt and over the years I would dutifully cut down my scraps and I would add those bonus bits into these bins as well. These triangles were always ready and waiting to be used but somehow I always managed to NOT use them as I should have.  Boy did I ever feel guilty and overwhelmed whenever I looked at all of those baskets. Well...NO MORE!!

I have a plan now and I hope to make many very scrappy quilts over the next while to put this fabric to good use. I have started with the 2.5" hst bins and I am sewing these triangles into pairs using a print and a neutral.

Several months ago, my quilty sister moved and didn't have space for the die cutter and decided to sell it. She gave me first dibs and I decided that it should definitely stay in the family. :) I have been using the 2.5" hst die to cut lots of neutral triangles and over the last while I have been spending lots of time stitching the hsts and I am making slow but steady progress. I have been working on them for so long now that I feel like the energizer bunny but without the energy. ;)

I already have these 3 baskets filled and there are approximately 2000 hsts in each basket. Excessive - I know. :(  I still have many more to make but at least these hsts now have a better chance at being included in a quilt.

If only all problems could be so frivolous and so easily solvable!


Deb A said...

I'm drooling over the potential quilts in that basket - Ocean waves came to mind first. So glad you rescued the die cutter so it could stay in the family =)

Chantal said...

You definitively needed to rescue that die-cutter. I keep borrowing the one we have at work. I buy the dies I need and use their machine. One day I will get my own. Looking forward to all those wonderful triangle quilts coming out of that bin. ;^)

Christina said...

There are so many design possibilities for your half square triangles. I can not wait to see what you come up with. Welcome back! It is great to see your blog posts again!

Jo said...

They will make a stunning quilt. Can't wait to see what design you choose.

QuiltGranma said...

Wow, YOU are READY to RUMBLE! Looking forward to those HST's disappearing into Quiltdom.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Oh! The quilts waiting to burst forth from those HST baskets!!! Wishing you MANY hours of peaceful piecing.