Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Fabric Storage

Lately, I have been reading about quilters doing their new year tidying and sorting of the stash ritual and I thought I would add in my bit too! I have a lot of fabric....there I said it...and I hope to live long enough to use it all up PLUS SOME. :) I do plan on living to be at least 100 years old so it shouldn't be a problem. lol

There is always a storage issue with having a lot of fabric and it is no surprise that I am always trying to figure out the 'best' way. I think I have discovered something that will work really well for me when it comes to fat quarters/chunks and strips.

A year or two ago I picked up a basket system from a second hand store for $20. I thought it was fantastic and figured out that it was from Ikea and the storage system is called Algot. This single storage rack has 3 large mesh baskets that contain my 2", 2.5" and 3.5" strips that I have been diligently cutting using Bonnie Hunter's scrap user system. I did not have room for my 1.5" strips so they were in a separate bin (or two). You can see them sitting on top of the storage racks.

One of the changes that I alluded to in my Back to Blogging post is that my youngest son moved out in Sept and has happily begun a very rewarding career. We are just so proud of him! He is now currently living at least a 5 hour drive (without any stops) from us and I am a bit sad about that. :(

But.....that means his room has been cleared out and is now in the process of becoming a guest room with - wait for it - extra space for my fabric storage. A positive can be found even in just about any negative. :) My husband and I have been working on the room with painting, etc., but there is still more work to be done. The floor needs to be sanded and coated and the baseboards and trim still need to be painted and then the quarter round needs to be reinstalled. Enough about all that work though!

The point is that I had my fat quarters stored in baskets in a closet and these baskets were stacked one upon each other. The closet was a bit dark and it just wasn't easy to see or access these wonderful and useful pieces of fabric. I do not have any other free space in my sewing room for this fabric so I had to live with the annoyance. Not anymore! For Christmas my husband gave me two more of these storage racks with mesh baskets that are about 5" in height and they are perfect for the fat quarter storage. They look great in the fabric storage room, I mean, the guest bedroom! :)

I think for my next birthday I will ask for another rack with small baskets to use to store the cones of thread that I use for my long arm. I think that would be another really good storage solution that will work great for me.


belarmina said...

Ellen se ve muy bien organizado

The Joyful Quilter said...

That $20 deal on a storage unit was SEW sweet!! It looks like it pairs well with the units you got for Christmas. Way to give a great gift, DH!!

Cheryl said...

Good Job Ellen!

Love sis