Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Good Progress!

Wow, I can't believe that I managed to get the whole circle portion stitched together. It took a wee bit of effort because there were some slight curves in the piecing. I just took my time and pinned the units as I went.

I laid out the pieces so that I knew which piece needed to be added in the correct order. The blades were pieced in units of three and they are put together on a curved angle so there was potential for confusion.

block laid out for piecing
I also starched and pressed as needed to help the circle lay flat. The green star portion still needs to be stitched into the center of the circle and I know that it will be a real treat to do it. ;) I haven't decided yet if I will attempt it by machine or if I will just do my best with hand stitching.

There is one more outer row of points that need to be added to this block and that will turn it into a circle before it gets turned into a square. This is a photo of the block pattern that I am using.

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Deb A said...

Very pretty. That takes a lot of patience. Did you cut the pieces or use Inklingo?